Associates are researchers and other professional practitioners outside the core staff of CSGR who participate actively in the work of the Centre.

There are three types of Associates. CSGR Faculty Associates are attached to departments and schools of the University of CSGR. External Associates have continuing links with CSGR from bases in other universities and user groups. Student Associates are registered at the University of CSGR for PhD degrees on subjects connected with globalisation and/or regionalisation

Associates are involved in CSGR activities by:

  •  receiving notices of Centre events, projects, publications and funding opportunities

  • participating in Centre seminars, workshops and conferences

  • submitting Centre working papers and discussion paper

  • undertaking research projects related to CSGR’s programme

  • proposing periods of secondment to CSGR

  • nominating visiting fellows to CSGR

  • publicizing CSGR’s work in wider academic and user circles

Associates fulfil obligations to CSGR by:

  •  acknowledging CSGR support in relevant research outputs

  • providing requested information for CSGR annual reports, newsletters, web pages and grant applications

  • reporting to the Director of CSGR on use of any Centre funds

  • Associate appointments are subject to review at three-year intervals.

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